Snow Creek

The Snow Creek trail is one of my favorite trails that takes you up and out of Yosemite Valley (the Four-Mile trail is a close contender). It’s steep, beautiful, well-maintained, and quiet. No matter what time of year I find myself there, I never see more than 2 or 3 people once I hit the trailhead a mile or so past Mirror Lake.

Sunday, being an amazingly warm and sunny winter day after a recent round of storms, found Paul and I slowing winding our way up the Snow Creek switchbacks. It was his first time hiking up there and I was happy to be there to share in the beauty of that forgotten corner of Yosemite. We didn’t quite get all the way to the top, but even halfway up that trail gets you high enough for some pretty big views.

looking across at half dome

looking across at half dome

And what better way to balance out a long hike than meeting up with a great group of friends for a beer tasting? I love that, even in the microscopic bubble that we live in, we have a really cool community that provides (relatively) unique social and culinary opportunities. Dust Bowl Brewing Co. came out to the Carabiner for a locals tasting night. I love their love of IPAs (and Paul’s lack thereof that doubled my IPA consumption that evening). And they make a surprisingly good pilsner and brown ale, too.

rainbow of hoppy flavors

rainbow of hoppy flavors

If you ever get the chance, I recommend trying their Great Impression with a bit of dark chocolate.

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  1. Betty says:

    A superb Sunday!

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