midnight snack and review

Okay, it’s not midnight. But it’s close enough and I am eating bunny grahams. :) And it’s finally cool enough in the evenings that I made hot tea to dunk them in.

My exhaustion level is high yet not high enough that I’m passing out quite yet. It’s been a weekend of epic proportions and I’m only halfway in. Friday night’s Hot Buttered Rum concert at the community hall provided a social experience unlike anything I’ve ever seen in El Portal. Ever. But I imagine it to be something akin to what EP was like ‘back in the good old days’. The band was fantastic and the crowd fascinating.

A fun way to spend the evening, but not really the best way to set yourself up for success at having an early morning. It was a good goal. And we still made fairly good time. After a late-ish start, four of us piled into my car to head up to Tenaya Lake (with a necessary breakfast stop at the market). Our plan was to climb Tenaya Peak (1500 vertical feet of pretty easy climbing). Kylie was free soloing it (no ropes or other protection). Casey and I did a combination of simul-climbing and trad climbing (AKA we always used a rope in some fashion). Andy was our moral support crew and spent the day napping by the lake.

Casey and I had a blast climbing together. There’s a lot of trust involved when you climb with someone and you get to know someone really well when you climb together. It took us about 5 hours to make the climb. Not too bad considering we went up 1500 feet and were having fun with it and not following a specific route (just going whichever path looked the best at the moment). It was (relatively) easy climbing with lots of great flakes and rough granite. If we’d had beer (not that we’d have wanted that extra weight in our packs), we have cracked them open to celebrate at the top. But, as the circumstances dictated, we enjoyed a couple of energy bars instead. Which was a great idea because the hike back down to the car took almost as much energy as the climb up away from it. We weren’t quite sure where the walk-down was; we had just been told that you hike down the south side of the peak and skirt around it until you hit the Sunrise Lakes trail. It wasn’t quite as straightforward as that (or at least it wasn’t to us) and we were fighting against sunset by the time we hit Tenaya Lake again. It was a fun cross-country hike though with lots of sooty grouse, Clark’s nutcrackers, and good conversation.

I’d pretend that tomorrow I’m planning on being dead to the world (why am I still awake at midnight?!), but such is not the case. I have very much neglected my house lately and namely the groceries that I would like to have in it. So, tomorrow is now a much-needed errand day. I’m thinking freshly washed car and maybe a cappuccino too. That’s almost a lazy Sunday, right?

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Just another cog in this steampunk time machine, developing unique life perspectives one epiphany and reckless adventure at a time.
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2 Responses to midnight snack and review

  1. Betty says:

    Exhilarating! I’m proud of you! :)

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