Friday afternoon!

And that means it’s almost time for another round of crazy weekend adventures! Well… maybe a little quieter than usual since I’m not road tripping or planning on going on any death-defying hikes, but no doubt there will still be plenty of excitement – starting with a Hot Buttered Rum concert tonight!

About Lady Grey

Just another cog in this steampunk time machine, developing unique life perspectives one epiphany and reckless adventure at a time.
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5 Responses to Friday afternoon!

  1. Janet says:

    Fun! I saw you one night at Trivia Night. I didn’t want to seem like a stalker, so I didn’t say hello. It looked like you were having fun. I was with my daughter and husband, and I think you were talking with one of my daughter’s friends. Small world. Have a good weekend. :)

  2. Betty says:

    :) Like the card!! ;) Have a fabulous weekend!

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