I’m not quite sure what to say here, though I feel the need to say something.

Words can be powerful. Even from a great distance. My distance from home being great, I speak words of peace and comfort over my family. They know my love and concern.

My great-Aunt Ella Mae was moved into hospice care yesterday after the gravity of a very aggressive throat cancer became fully known and it was determined that all further treatment should be directed only toward her immediate comfort. She is a very dear lady and this was not the news that we were expecting to receive. It is an intense experience to be waiting for inevitable news that will bring peace from suffering for one and realized grief for everyone else. We know the wait will likely be relatively short and my heart goes out to my mom and Mema and Aunt Ella Mae’s children and grandchildren. It’s hard to not be there with them right now to offer my support in person.

I apologize if I sound harsh in sharing this sad news. Sad does not surface very often here. My sharing here usually takes the form of showcasing the highlights of my unusual life. And those highlights are usually exhilaratingly intense not emotionally intense. But life, to borrow a phrase I learned back East, is what it is. And that’s what I offer you now, as always.

And yet, through tragedy, life continues. My hands are relatively tied to do more than virtually express support and check in as often as I can with not having a cell phone, land-line, or reliable internet access. And so I continue on with my work and plans and life in general. Adventures in workday baking, cross-country hiking, addictive birding, Eastside exploring, and the like. Right now Craig and I are sitting at Looney Bean in Mammoth Lakes drinking mochas in preparation for an afternoon excursion into the lakes basin to watch some birds before heading back toward home to Lee Vining for the Trespassers show at the Mobile this evening. And then another week of work begins for both of us since Craig is back to work now (in Tuolumne this go round though instead of El Portal) after his winter off. Tomorrow is going to be a beautiful day and, hopefully, the birth of mine and Ryan’s sourdough starter.

More details to come on many fronts…

About Lady Grey

Just another cog in this steampunk time machine, developing unique life perspectives one epiphany and reckless adventure at a time.
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1 Response to …Life

  1. Gabi says:

    Hi Rachel – I am so sorry about your great Aunt – my prayers are with you all! xoxoxo

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