To be in Tuolumne is to be fully consumed by Tuolumne.

If you’re beginning to wonder if I’ve fallen off the face of the Earth, you might not be too far off. I’m still on Earth, but I’ve practically fallen off the face of the Internet. Every day has been packed full of adventure and camaraderie and fresh air. The season is drawing towards its close and the days are getting shorter and colder. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to pull myself indoors at all and especially to sit in front of a computer. I promise all is well and I’m still having the time of my life. :) I’ve been spending my time with people who are brilliant, funny, caring, talented, knowledgeable, and just generally great. I’ve been hiking on trail and exploring cross-country, seeking out untouched and secret places. I’ve been ‘sleeping out’. I’ve been baking and cooking and sharing meals. I’ve been participating in combined creativity… music, drawing, writing haikus, modifying existing art. And I’m entering the end-of-season-blues, asking what I’m going to do next. That’s been consuming a lot our conversations around here lately. Right now I’m leaning towards taking a month or so off, going to the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival, bumming around Yosemite Valley and maybe going on a roadtrip up towards Oregon. And then spending the winter working and skiing on the Eastside. But that idea is subject to quite a bit of change depending on the day or hour or minute. Rather unpredictable and unstable but such is life and all I can say is: Yay life!

About Lady Grey

Just another cog in this steampunk time machine, developing unique life perspectives one epiphany and reckless adventure at a time.
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1 Response to To be in Tuolumne is to be fully consumed by Tuolumne.

  1. Gabi says:

    sounds absoulutely amazing! What a life you are living Rachel! I am so happy for you! xoxoxo

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