Wine-flavored coffee

I hiked out to May Lake after work on Tuesday to hang out with Ranger Mike at the High Sierra Camp. I’d never been to May Lake and I’d never seen a HSC. May Lake is super gorgeous – right at the base of Mt. Hoffman (the geographic center of the park) – though it is pretty mosquito-infested right now. The trail was pretty chill and afforded a nice view of Clouds Rest and Half Dome and a fair amount of wildflowers (including what had to be the last of the shooting stars and golden brodiaea). The HSC was civilization in the middle of the wilderness. Flush toilets, showers, tent cabins, and a full-service kitchen and dining room. Honestly, I have pretty mixed feelings about it. But it was neat to be there. Mike and I made a fire on the other side of the ridge (out of sight of the HSC) and were eventually joined by some of the staff. We watched the moonrise (so pretty to watch it come up over Cathedral Peak) and I think I finally have the summer triangle down. Music, distasteful jokes, high spirits, and red wine took us to high sierra midnight. I had originally planned to hike back out that night (after my full-moon Dana hike, I think night hiking is fun), but ended up crashing in Mike’s tent cabin. I hiked out early the next morning, after partaking in some HSC coffee. My stainless steel NPS volunteer bottle is getting some interesting use… I filled it with wine for the hike out because I didn’t want to carry glass (too heavy) and then I used it for coffee the next morning. Nothing beats wine-flavored coffee.

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Great way to start the day. I had round two of caffeine from the Mobil on my way to Bishop to go climbing gear shopping. It was a super successful trip. I got climbing shoes, chalk bag, and clothes; plus all the things on my grocery list (and Mike’s and Eric’s and Angie’s). Not a bad way to spend a day off. Bishop’s a pretty neat town. And, since I have Thursday off too, I’ll definitely be testing out my new gear on the puppy boulders. After sleeping in and before sunning by the river.


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