A quiet night in Tuolumne?

Yes, it’s possible. On the very rare occasion. I had planned a quiet night on Monday. I’m not really sure what happened. Well, I mean, I know what happened, but I’m not really sure how there’s always so much happening. Monday nights are sunset yoga on puppy dome. I met up with Mike after work and we went up the dome early to get a little pre-stretching in. And we were totally rewarded for our efforts by a close-up hawk sighting (it swooped RIGHT by us – so amazing!). And yoga was awesome too – a big turn out – and Craigo was there. Afterwards (instead of my ‘quiet night’) a group of us ended up at Mike and Eric’s for poker. I didn’t play, but stayed up late watching the game and chatting with Craigo (catching up since our RC days).

Tuesday I actually got my quiet night. I went out bouldering with Mike and Eric after work at Machine World on puppy dome. A V3 overhang was definitely NOT the best place to start. Good thing I had 2 spotters and a crash pad. Then I cleaned, read, and crashed early (well, early for me). Relatively quiet, right? I figure that was one of maybe half-dozen quiet nights I’ll have in Tuolumne.

I was off work on Wednesday and decided to go for some mountain solitude. I got up early and drove out to Lundy Lake and hiked down Lundy Canyon (on the eastside in Inyo NF). Incredible hike. Incredible incredible wildflowers. Then on the way back, I stopped in Lee Vining for an iced soy latte at Latte Da. Nature and coffee… so good. And if you can imagine, the day only got better from there. Back in TM, I took my yoga mat over to puppy dome to watch the sunset and get a little stretching in. I stopped and watched Mike, Eric, and B-rad on Machine World for a bit and then went up the dome and had the place to myself. Pretty sweet. After sunset, I met back up with the guys and Angie and others over at Cliff and Greg’s cabin and we stayed up late into the night watching the almost-full moon, pointing out the summer triangle (Altair, Deneb, and Vega), and discussing moon-creation theories.

I worked on Thursday (traded for Saturday off for my full moon hike up Mt. Dana with Jeffrey). After work and a community dinner over at Cliff and Greg’s, we sat around a campfire in our down jackets drinking Tecate and PBR while Eric sang and played the guitar. Just another awesome night in Tuolumne. And, of course, I stayed up way late. And I got up way early to drive Matt and Kass (from the Valley) out to Bridgeport to Twin Lakes (in Toyiabe NF) for a backpacking trip. It was a gorgeous early morning drive. The eastside really is spectacular. Best part though? We stopped for breakfast at the Mobil – mega breakfast burrito and coffee – Yum! I was a bit late for work, but no worries.

Oh, and then there was Friday. I think this adventure has to be one of my favorite Tuolumne experiences to date. Friday night about 12 of us went raft-canoeing on Tioga Lake in the shadow of Mt. Dana in the full moon. We stood on bird-poop island, went doming, traversed the dam, drank hot tea, toasted to good friends and the joys of mountain life, partook in B-rad’s awesome snacks, saw shooting stars, lost an oar. Again, super late night but I actually slept in the next morning, so it wasn’t too bad…

Saturday, Angie and I made breakfast and then went out and did some easy bouldering (VB and V0) with Eric. Then Eric and I went out bouldering again after Angie had to go to work with a guy named Dan on Machine World (the V3 – I actually stuck a move!) and then took a dip in the river. Jeffrey came up in the afternoon and we went to dinner at TPR and hiked up Dana for the full moon. I didn’t end up going to bed until 4:30. Somehow (not quite sure how) I managed to make it to the Parsons program on yoga and journaling Sunday morning and stay awake all through work. I said I was going to go to bed early… 1:00 is earlier than 4:30, right? Making pizza and sitting around the fire and then tea and toast with good people is unquestionably better than sleep.

But sleep is good too. Maybe I should start thinking about trying for another of those quiet nights…


About Lady Grey

Just another cog in this steampunk time machine, developing unique life perspectives one epiphany and reckless adventure at a time.
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