Busy Bears

I’ve neglected posting any updates recently. My only excuse is that I’ve been busy. Oh and that I lost my work keys (still working on resolving that one, but until I locate them, internet is doubly difficult to come by). I’ve been camping, crashing couches, making delicious food, biking, hiking, photographing, spending time with awesome friends, getting to know my coworkers, getting excited about Tuolumne, getting a little melancholy about leaving the Valley, identifying birds and plants and butterflies and insects and trees, spotting amazing wildlife… basically enjoying life to its fullest.

More details updates would be promised, but I think it wrong to probably mislead you. Instead, here’s a picture of some bears that I saw out by the Hetch Hetchy Reservoir:


About Lady Grey

Just another cog in this steampunk time machine, developing unique life perspectives one epiphany and reckless adventure at a time.
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