Valley Floor Loop Trail

I hiked the 13-mile Valley Floor Loop trail this past week. The path I actually hiked was closer to 15 miles. I made a detour to walk up and touch the base of El Capitan and then had to make two detours due to too treacherous high water crossings (had to go downstream at Ribbon Creek and upstream at Bridalveil Creek). It was all blue skies when I left and then about a third of the way in clouds rolled in and it snowed off and on for the rest of the hike. Good thing I have a waterproof shell for my pack.

Now the only hike in the Valley that I haven’t been on (that’s not closed for the winter) is the Snow Creek trail. That one’s a 2 mile hike to the trailhead and then a 1.6 mile 2,000 foot elevation gain hike up past Snow Creek Falls to a footbridge over the creek. Yeah, I’ve saved the steepest hike for last. It’s next on the list…

I was able to get a few pictures on my VFL hike. Quite a few of the Three Brothers. I think that might be my favorite rock formation in the park. I really want to hike up to the top of Eagle Peak at some point (the upper brother). I want to see if I agree with John Muir that it’s where you get the most beautiful overlook of the Valley.

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No wildlife on the trail other than some ground squirrels. Quite a few birds, including Northern Flickers, Dark-Eyed Juncos, American Robins, Ravens, Mallards, and Stellar’s Jays.

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