Life shivers on.

This was posted yesterday evening on the park’s FB page:

“Visitors are discouraged from entering Yosemite due to heavy snow, rockfall, tree failures, and power outages resulting in limited services. However, conditions permitting, we plan to allow entrance to Yosemite via Highways 140 and 120 from the west and 41 from the south for day use only beginning Thursday (3/24) at 7 am. Tire chains may be required. We will have more information on Thursday.”

That pretty much sums up what’s going on with the park. The forecast has predicted the second storm (of the second round of storms) to come through today and tonight, dropping 11 to 17 inches and 15 to 21 inches respectively in the Valley.

It’s an amazing experience to be in a closed national park. Especially one as heavily visited at Yosemite. We’ve had about 20 visitors in the park the past couple of days. Absolutely amazing. From my warm window seat, that is.

The community is really coming together through this experience. DNC (our concessionaire) has opened their central warehouse for people to store their food so they don’t lose it with the power out. Many places with generators have opened their doors to let people have a warm place to sleep or rejuvenate. There are free hot showers. But probably most importantly, the Carabiner has opened back up. It had just closed last Saturday to get ready for the busy visitor season. But since there’s so few people in the park, they decided to open it back up for a place for employees to go. 24-hours a day with free wi-fi and a place to sleep. They’re still serving food in the evening and the pool is free. A group of us went over last night for pizza and pool. It was like stepping back into civilization (albeit generator-powered civilization). It was so rejuvenating that we even managed a little snowball fight on the way out. Good times.

Not so good times is that I’m being forced to admit to myself that I’m developing a nasty cold. Yuck. No worries though. I’ve got warmth, hot tea, and vitamin C. Oh, and the snow and mountains.

I’m excited to see what happens with the storm today!

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